Letter to the Editor

Jamie Wright
San Francisco, California


Surprisingly, Law & Order: SVU did a superb episode last year with a very realistically passable trans woman. It was most notable for the courtroom scene explaining the biological model for transsexualism.

And don't forget the superb 2001-02 series The Education of Max Bickford, with a very inspiring trans woman portrayed by Helen Shaver. They dropped her after eight episodes, but those were eight great portrayals.

Dana Beyer
Chevy Chase, Maryland

No kid-ding

In Generation Debt, "Sex and Money" [December 22-28, 2004], Francine Russo writes: "Besides her daughter's child, she has six other grandchildren through her four stepchildren. 'Seven grandchildren,' she says, 'and not a single one of their parents can afford to pay for their college.' "

Then don't have kids! This entire series of articles has pissed me off. How did the country whose self-reliance ethic allowed it to become the greatest, richest, highest-quality-of-life society in the history of earth devolve into such a group of helpless, desperate, self-pitying whiners?

Scott Wickett
Ft. Myers, Florida

Debt service

I want to thank you for your series Generation Debt. I'm not necessarily happy to discover how many people are suffering just to make ends meet. However, it is nice to know that I am not alone in this struggle. The similarity in experiences shared within our generation is amazing to me. I'm a cultural anthropology graduate. Since I've graduated, I have been unable to find anything that has to do with my degree. I feel that it is as much my fault as the university's and my high school's. I feel betrayed. I work three jobs. One is full-time to pay the bills, one is for exposure in research, and one is to further my anthropology career. My boyfriend, who has no college experience, earns double my income. I sometimes think, why did I even get this education? Having an education does seem prestigious, but prestige will not pay for my rent or put gas in my car . . . and vacations? Right. Being poor has lost its charm. About a decade ago.

Michelle Dekutowski
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I just read your article on women, but how about older women who went back to school to get a better job and then in the end still have a huge student loan, a pre-teen child, and just turned 50 years old? There are no jobs available out there when you get older, but the bills are still there to be paid. The system needs a huge and deep intervention on our behalf or . . .

Fatima DeRoberto
New York City


In Eva Yaa Asantewaa's review of Music and Dance of the Jewish Wedding: Bukharan Wedding [January 5-11], the phrase "whose eye-popping costume changes alone were worth the price of admission" refers solely to Tamara Kattayeva, not to the entire group of women performers.

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