Spin War II

As Bush part deux begins, the press may need to practice civil disobedience

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting, a London-based nonprofit that trains journalists in trouble spots, will try to avoid the security angle and focus on the electoral contest itself.

"The politics of the election will be ignored by the international media because they will be so focused on the security situation," said Hiwa Osman, an Iraqi and former BBC reporter who coordinates the Iraq mission for IWPR. "We will try to go beyond that."

Rumsfeld: Needs to be pressed
photo: R.D. Ward
Rumsfeld: Needs to be pressed



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  • While Dan Rather, for example, tours the "Triangle of Death" with a marine unit, Osman says IWPR's 30 reporters will visit every city in the country, including those that escape the attention of the international media because they are too dangerous or, paradoxically, too quiet.

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