Watch Out

A Mini-malist Approach to Telling Time

MINI_motion watch
photo: courtesy of Flight 001
MINI_motion watch


Available for $165 at:

Flight 001
96 Greenwich Ave.
West Village
Apparently, they're not just good at making wee automobiles. Creator of the monstrously popular Cooper, Mini can also produce one fetching little men's watch. Engineered to address the fluctuating needs of the "urban nomad" (people who like to drive Minis, we assume), this piece from the MINI_motion accessories line will purportedly enhance your driving experience. Hmmm. OK. Can't vouch for that, but we will concede it's a rather cleverly constructed timepiece, yet another feather in the cap for touted industrial-design whiz Yves Behar. The black, soft silicone watchband requires no fastener, nattily assembled instead with a spring steel core to keep the watch firmly on the wrist. Other notable features include an alarm, water resistance to fifty meters, dual time zone, backlight, chronograph, and timer. The big sell here is the LCD display, which can be viewed vertically or horizontally. Evidently, it's a useful function when your hands are strapped to a steering wheel. But you'd be a fool to leave a watch this fine in the damn car.
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