Letter to the Editor

Jan Kurth
Ellington, New York

Gap-ing wound

I would like to express my concern and disappointment in the cartoon your paper published by Ward Sutton calling red-staters "gap-toothed troglodytes" and portraying them as inferior citizens vis-à-vis education and intellect [Sutton Impact, November 24-30, 2004]. Satire? Perhaps, but what is not amusing is the fact that you are fueling the fire of contempt between city dwellers and Middle America.

Josh Hill
Charlottesville, Virginia

Fish tales

Wow, a topic that isn't war or how Bush is so courageously leading the U.S.A. on the path toward a 21st-century corporate theocracy. A topic I actually know something about: That is, the complete unsuitability of the glamorous goldfish as a pet for those of us too income-impaired to support much more than our meaty brains, or who have little time for a lot of daily involvement or upkeep of a pet [Sloane Crosley, "Heavy Petting," The Essay, January 19-25]. A few years ago, demoralized by the high mortality rate of previous attempts at goldfish wranglin' and without adequate electrical outlets near the logical placement of a proper aquarium, I made the accidental discovery of the Betta splendens, more commonly known as Siamese fighting fish. Those sad, horrid-looking things in tiny jars I used to see in Woolworth's are bettas, or betas. And you know what? They not only do not need filtration (because they partially breath air from the surface, unlike our golden friends who do need to live in filtrated tanks), but they possess actual personalities. My betta, Fishy, would respond to me when I came into the room, especially in anticipation of breakfast or dinner; look at me; and I swear, watch TV with me. It was as if I could actually make the damn thing happy. And unlike our dumb-but-pretty goldfish buddies, bettas in an unfiltered, weekly-attended-to fishbowl can live quite happily for years. In this time of such economic and political upheaval, we need all the living friends we can get, don't we? As for my Fishy, sad to say, R.I.P.—but 1,000 times more long-lived than any indifferent pretty-boy-toy goldfish.

H. Roche
San Francisco, California


The photo corresponding with Don Allred's review of Nicky Siano's Legendary the Gallery: New York's Original Disco 1973-1977 ["Siano the Times," January 12-18] was mislabeled as Nicky Siano. The photo that ran was of Nicky's brother Joe Siano.

In last week's Press Clips by Jarrett Murphy, a former CBS News executive was misidentified. His name is Josh Howard, not John Howard.

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