Condi Rice: Misrule of Law

The new secretary of state, the president's confidante, plays by his code of justice

But, as The New York Times reported on January 13, "in intense, closed-door negotiations . . . four senior members from the House and Senate deleted the restrictions from the final bill after the White House expressed opposition."

Condoleezza Rice had strongly opposed those restrictions on torture because they gave "legal protection to foreign prisoners to which they are not now entitled under applicable law and policy" by the Bush administration.

Trust us not to torture our prisoners.
photo: Helene C. Stikkel/U.S. Department of Defense
Trust us not to torture our prisoners.

At her confirmation hearing, Senator Christopher Dodd told Dr. Rice: "I'd like you to spend about 15 minutes with John McCain"—who was tortured for years by the North Vietnamese.

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