Rainbow Bright

Giving winter blues the boot

FarylRobin's Apollo boots
photo: Corina Zappia
FarylRobin's Apollo boots


Available at:

Luichiny, on sale for $40 (limited sizes)
Lounge, for $79


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  • It's the classic shoe paradox: an attractive women's snow boot, durable enough to withstand the elements yet not ferociously ugly. We all search for it each winter, only to settle dejectedly for a last-minute hiking boot, purchased at the first sign of snowflakes. While ideal for scaling Mount Everest or surviving nuclear meltdown, they're not exactly the après-ski Bond girl action we'd been hoping for. That's probably why FarylRobin's Apollo has been selling so well. The slimmed-down nylon moon-boot takes a less space-alien route and is outfitted with a rainbow of Mork & Mindy stripes that are decidedly more roller rink than blizzard avalanche. Available in green, blue, or black, they're a nice shock of color compared to the Timberlands and below-centigrade rubber Kamiks sloshing around right now.
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