V-Day Breakups and Hookups

Valentine's day pressures can result in heartbreak or getting lucky

As for me, I hope the day arrives and leaves as quickly as possible, not because I'm not a romantic but because all the cheesy drama attendant upon the day is the farthest thing from romance I can imagine. Love can be expressed in countless ways, and often it's the little things, rather than the grand gestures, fancy dinners, or hours of processing that show you how someone really feels. Give me a spontaneous back rub, flowers for no reason (I like roses and gerberas), cupcakes, mix CDs, hugs, smiles, or heartfelt, racy e-mails, anything truly from your heart—not because I asked or you feel duty bound, but because you really mean it. True love is not only worth waiting for, it's worth suffering a little heartbreak along the way; but that's a lesson that needs more than one day to sink in.

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