Letter to the Editor

What is most appalling is that the American worker has been convinced by the Republican propaganda machine that his best hope of a happy and prosperous life requires his self-immolation. "Set yourself on fire and retire in Miami!" is the pitch, and the under-educated and over-propagandized

American working stiff is falling for it and reaching for the gas can as he curses the "liberal media" which are timidly suggesting he try other options.

But the Rathers and Brokaws and Jenningses of this world bow to their masters and are either blind or paid for and are unwilling to call a spade a spade: The Emperor is stark naked! To see Barbara Walters fawning over George Bush, preparing him to receive the "torture" of the sycophantic softballs she was going to lob in his direction, must have had David Brinkley turning over in his grave for having given her the break that got her into the business.

Alex Yaron
Palm Springs, California
A proud member of Co. A, 1/327th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, 1968, Vietnam

A soldier's story

The article "Feeling a Draft?" by Anya Kamenetz [Generation Debt, January 24-February 1] really struck a personal chord with me. I have a Hispanic last name and went to an "urban" high school (I graduated pre-9-11, in May 2001). Military recruiters have continually and unsolicitedly harassed me. I recently received a bachelor's degree and now I get new pamphlets letting me know I still have military career options. I can handle this; I have no qualms with telling the guy on the other end of the phone what I think of him.

What disturbs me to the core is that these practices of intimidation are being used to scare children into the military, including now my brother and sister.

Recently I was at my parents' house over the holidays when a recruiter called—you can always tell them, the caller ID says "U.S. Gov." I answered with the hopes of letting them down. I was surprised when they asked to speak with my college freshman sister; I refused and demanded to know how they got her contact information. He would not tell me, but I later found out about the No Child Left Behind lists. I began asking my white friends if their equally white college freshman brothers were getting these calls.

There response was, of course, "No."

Alexander Enriquez
Dallas, Texas

Having spent 25 years as a marine officer in positions of increased responsibility in 40 countries, it's my contention that young Chris Dugan still appears as confused as ever in his search for a sense of personal identity. His honorable, albeit short, stint as an enlisted marine only lightly qualifies him to save the future misguided children from the corps, where, God forbid, they might learn the difference between a problem and an inconvenience! "The people united will never be defeated!" Get a grip. He volunteered!

George W. Murray
USMC (Retired)
San Diego, California

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