Hotel Hard-On

Why sex in a paid-for room gives our intrepid reporter so much pleasure

The first time I ever had sex in a hotel room I was with my first girlfriend at a place in Palm Desert, and her brother was in the room next door. I remember leaning her over the Formica table in the kitchenette and fucking her while I covered her mouth so she wouldn't make any noise. I cheated on a different girlfriend in a pricey Soho hotel with a guy she knew. I stayed in a bed-and-breakfast in Napa Valley (famous for the home-cooked gourmet breakfast delivered right to your door), where I took naked Polaroids of my dashingly handsome butch daddy. I've lain down on a blue plastic tarp and had various condiments poured on and then licked off my body by a pack of lesbians in a hotel room. I gave a woman her first orgasm at the hands of another woman, watched a former stripper peel potatoes and jerk off with them, co-hosted a porn star orgy, pissed on a tranny boy I just met, and put a girl with a suitcase fantasy into my Samsonite in a hotel room. I've been tired out, pushed past my limits, and broken up with in a hotel room. I've felt every emotion, done almost everything imaginable, and had some of the best sex of my life in a hotel room.

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