Keep It Together

Vintage and specialty buttons are sew in

Like candy
photo: Corina Zappia
Like candy


Available at:

Bocage (prices vary)
The cruelest sartorial casualty each winter isn't those suede boots you stubbornly wore in the snow. It's buttons. Yeah, man, buttons-the kind that fasten. Buttons on your jackets, buttons on your sweaters, buttons on your shirts. The wear and tear of a hardy winter season means one or two of those suckers is bound to pop off that overcoat or trusty wool top-then where will you be with your jacket half open, and old man winter frostin' up that delicate little neck. A trip to Stephanie Kheder's button and trimmings boutique is one solution. The super-sewer owner has a great eye for large vintage vinyl buttons, ideal for heavy coats, and endless quirky smaller pieces in hard-to-find colors and prints. No searching through piles of crap plastic white buttons to find two matching red ones. At Bocage, Kheder's done the work for you.
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