Worst. Sex. Ever.

Bad sex, writers admit, is often in the eye—or the Bed—of the beholder

Another friend's tale involved a fling with a longtime crush in Barcelona, the culmination of years of lusting after him from afar. But the night of drunken pleasure wasn't worth the silent treatment he gave her for the rest of her visit. These still don't seem all that awful to me, but the lesson to be learned is that the worst, when it comes to sex, is subjective. I remember feeling practically suicidal when, at 22, I slept with a guy more than twice my age, and felt horribly guilty about it. Looking back, it clearly wasn't a big deal, but at the time I was distraught because I'd succumbed to his advances even though he slightly repulsed me and was too old for me.

I'm glad my worst sex has been mundane, more about miscommunication and mismatched sex drives than truly dreadful acts. But I am a little jealous of my peers. When you've been through the worst sex imaginable, subsequent trysts may seem explosive in comparison.

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