As the story said, she was a pest. Activism involves being prepared to answer your enemies with verifiable facts and being persistent. If I had been on the committee reviewing Judge Wesley, I would have wanted to have all the facts, both favorable and unfavorable, before I cast my vote for confirmation. Actually, I don't call her a pest, I call her persistent. Webster's definition of the word pest is "one that pesters or annoys." She was being helpful. I am surprised that senators Clinton and Schumer, both self-declared liberals, would be contacting the Capitol police to complain about her phone calls and faxes. My respect for Hillary Rodham Clinton has gone down a few notches. Elena Sassower, whom I haven't met, I consider a friend and an ally.

Pedro Baez
Harbor City, California

Switch Hitch

Reading John Giuffo's "The Hitch" [February 2—8] has not changed my mind one bit on the total about-face of Hitchens, who has gone from radical critic to failed opportunist. Hitchens, like Dennis Miller and Dick Morris before him, is a skank with little integrity. Persons can indeed change their minds and opinions for moral reasons. This pathetic trio changed their minds for the gold.

Jim Guinnessey
Miami Beach, Florida

Hey, Jo

I enjoyed Michael Feingold's take on Little Women's Sutton Foster ["Forced Marches," February 2—8]: "an appealing actress with a sparky personality and a distinctively angular physical style . . . (in Thoroughly Modern Millie she appeared to be composed entirely of knees and elbows)."

Yes, exactly! As I watched her veering about the stage of the Virginia Theatre, I thought, "There's our Olive Oyl!"

Bob Gutowski
Jackson Heights

Mag hag

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got to the pages screaming, "Do Not Recycle" [Vince Aletti, January 26—February 1].

I am a self-confessed magazine whore, and I can't believe other people out there are as bad as me.

Steven Klein's layout in L'Uomo Vogue cost me $35 on eBay, and I had it shipped from Italy. I'm such a sucker, but the Brad Pitt essay was just too genius to pass up!

Tate Tullier
Upper East Side

Correction — The photo of the band Deicide accompanying D. Shawn Bosler's "Heavy Metal's Graveyard Shift" [February 2—8] was miscredited. The photo should have been credited to Frank White/Earache Records.

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