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Reporter tries to remove a stain by adding more dirt from his past

Twenty staff members put The Week together by scanning some 200 news outlets from around the world—so readers don't have to. "What The Week is trying to do is kind of short-circuit that need to go to 10, 15, 20 sources to compose your own view," says general manager Justin Smith.

Editions of The Week average around 40 pages. None of the stories occupies more than one page, and most are just blurbs. If that sounds like TV news, note that The Week offers opinion from Japan and news out of Madagascar. But it's not exactly in-depth. Is a subscriber to The Week getting enough news?

Leopold: Dishing on himself
photo: Michelle Constantine
Leopold: Dishing on himself



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  • "I think that it depends," says Smith. If the reader is a stay-at-home parent, The Week might be enough, he says. "If it's a secretary of state? No."

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