Almost Good Enough To Eat

Eskandar's bath and body line is naturally delicious

Scrub-a-dub-dubbing in the tub with plant extract always sounds healthier than slapping on propylene glycol and whatever the hell else they hide in your Lever 2000. Anglo-Persian clothing designer Eskandar clearly believes as much. His line of bath and body products has one of the highest levels of natural ingredients currently available on the market at 97 percent plant- and mineral-derived. (According to the company, the remaining three percent is preservatives that keep the product fresh, lest it actually rot in the packaging.) Any more real and you’d be snorting kumquats.
Yum, yum
photo: Courtesy of Eskandar
Yum, yum

Previously sold only at Bergdorf Goodman, Eskandar’s Real Vanilla Moisturizing Body Milk, Black Tea and Lemon-Oil Body Wash, Ginger Blossom Scented Candles, and other appetizing sellers are now available at his new shop in the West Village.