Unslick Dick

Girl pornographers just want to have fun, and do, in Sweet Action

The I-read-it-for-the-articles editorial content's not so bad either, with a spoof of the requisite readers' fantasies page called Confessions that includes a Polaroid-taking session gone awry and a romantic fable written by one of the anti-hunks. The how-to pieces, as anti-Cosmo as they come, are the standouts. There's "A First-Timer's Guide on How to Eat Out Your Man's Ass" that's more necessary and inspirational than anything in a mainstream women's magazine. Kendra Gaeta's girl-in-the-field piece on rediscovering the lost art of the hand job is one of the boldest, funniest things I've read in a long time—she works the tools of three guys as she pumps them for technique advice, and it's all accompanied by pictures. Think of this new publication as required reading for queer heterosexuals, gender studies majors, and vibrator-toting women and their bend-over boyfriends. Hopefully, we may even get to see some people fucking on the pages soon. Sweet Action's virgin issue has what all good first dates do: the promise of more to come.

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