Favorite Sons

Bloomberg ally Molinari pushed mob-tainted pals for city contracts

Molinari said that after the city's rejection he ceased representing the company, but that he remained a supporter. "We tried our best," he said. "I still believe [the DiTommasos] are very responsible people."

In December, Molinari spoke out in defense of the DiTommasos after it was reported that Kerik had gotten the company to hire his brother and a close pal. But Molinari never mentioned his own paid work on behalf of the company.

For his part, Frank DiTommaso said that the testimony by DiLeonardo and other mob cooperators about his company was false. "There were two guys who said some derogatory things about our firm. All those records they refer to were looked at and gone over. They were found to be not credible," he said.



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    Lobbyists, start your engines
    By Tom Robbins
  • The firm is currently battling for the right to do construction work for Atlantic City casinos. Over vehement objections by the state attorney general, the New Jersey Casino Control Commission last year granted Interstate a permit. But the state's Division of Gaming Enforcement, a unit of the attorney general's office, has filed suit to block it, pointing to evidence offered by DiLeonardo and others.

    "The division is completely flawed in their evaluation," said DiTommaso. "I think the courts will rule in our favor."

    As for working for the city, DiTommaso said he's changed his mind. "The city already owes me millions of dollars. I don't really know if I want to work for them."

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