Coffee Now, Grad School Later

An art lover's ramble through Williamsburg

Front Room plays an indispensable role in this geographically scattered scene. Its owner, artist and illustrator Daniel Aycock, publishes Wag Mag, a monthly art guide and map for Williamsburg and Greenpoint galleries. Near Front Room is the grassroots OPEN GROUND [252 Grand Street], run by artists Jenny Walty and Patrick May. Their "Williamsburg Wedding" project is an exchange with a community-oriented gallery in the Wedding neighborhood of Berlin, Germany. In April, Berlin's Galerie Scherer8 and Wedding storefronts will host artwork from 23 Open Ground artists.

A friend of mine calls Williamsburg "the Campus." True, there are many school affiliations among the locals, with some folks applying to grad schools and others recuperating from them. THE HOGAR COLLECTION [111 Grand Street] is a gallery I associate with Rutgers University in New Jersey because its co-founder, sculptor Todd Rosenbaum, went there, as did several of the artists he shows. Rosenbaum's partner, Cecilia Biagini, an Argentinean artist and actress, brings a Latin accent to the mix. Next fall Hogar (Spanish for "home") will showcase work from the Belleza y Felicidad Gallery of Buenos Aires.

Just one stop away on the L train in the East Village, the nonprofit sleeper P.S.122 GALLERY [9th Street and First Avenue] boasts two new initiatives, the Internet arts magazine artwurl ( and a project room upstairs called the Classroom, which in March will present the video work of Mary Ellen Strom. The downstairs gallery does two-person shows, and the deadline for proposals is April 24. Download the form at (Full disclosure: I'm on the advisory committee.)

Upcoming Shows

The City Reliquary
March: Video by the Poo Syndicate about flea markets

Dam, Stuhltrager
March: Carol Salmanson, Jae Hi Ahn

Front Room
March 18-April 10: "Portraits From Four Centuries"

Open Ground
March 5-20: "Williamsburg Wedding" exchange

P.S.122 Gallery
Thru March 26 (upstairs): Mary Ellen Strom
Thru March 27 (downstairs): Pamela Dart and Beata Pankiewicz

Thru April 3: Paintings and installation by Adriana Atema

Naked Duck
Thru April 3: "Photographs of Personal Space"

The Hogar Collection
Thru April 18: Walter Markham, Bill Hall, and Todd Rosenbaum

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