Casual-Sex Myths

Harmless hookups offer hot no-strings action, but still get a bad rap

The main myth I want to dispel is that I'm cavalier about casual sex. It's a rare treat when I find someone attractive, smart, funny, and aggressive enough to lure me into bed, so when I do, I jump on them (literally). In my last relationship, I had a connection so powerful and intense, it made almost everything after it pale in comparison. But just because I'm on the prowl for a long-term partner doesn't mean I'm home alone humping my beloved Hitachi Magic Wand every night until I find one. My ideal is someone with whom I can blend the extreme lewdness of the best casual sex with the less racy, but perhaps more profound, promise of love, growth, and commitment. Until then, occasional, easygoing flings are an excellent second best.

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