Dana Angelo

The Axe effect

David Axe's article on Tennessee's 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment ["The Dread Zone," February 23-March 1] attempts to make the case that we inhabit a section of Iraq ready to erupt into civil war or border conflict with Iran. Instead, it is a diatribe aimed at the military and, surprisingly, Iraqis themselves, with gratuitous insults thrown at white Southerners because, well, that's acceptable to the otherwise politically correct types who read The Village Voice.

Axe's description of Iraqis in Diyala aims at fairness by insulting everyone: "Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds, plus a dash of Turkomans . . . eke out their living making bricks, farming mud, and bootlegging gasoline." I'm not sure how you farm mud but I do know that the Voice wouldn't refer to domestic minorities as a bunch of thieves. The author flashes his lefty snark card with "They're a grab bag of old-school National Guard types—white, male, middle-aged, and Southern," ignoring the women, blacks, Hispanics, and Wisconsin National Guardsmen who also make up the 278th. The piece concludes with this bit of melodrama: "In the heady days following Iraq's first multi-party elections in nearly 50 years . . . the American press's attention turned to Iran and its nuclear ambitions—as if to say, 'We're done with Iraq. Who's next?' " Lebanon, David. Don't forget Libya either. A little bit of freedom, liberty, and human rights goes a long, long way.

Lieutenant Lance Frizzell
Diyala Province, Iraq

I think this article is uncalled for. Maybe David Axe likes to belittle people. I have a brother-in-law and his son in the 278th. They joined the guards for homeland security. Bush is the one that sent them over there. How dare you throw off on them. At least they left their families and went. Why don't you join and start fighting instead of throwing off on the ones over there?

Martha Ryan
Bristol, Tennessee

The wrong notes

Re James Ridgeway's "Condi's Growing Fan Club" [March 2-8]:

It would be refreshing if someone—anyone—could relate to me what this woman has accomplished in the Bush administration? Most of us know she's a close bud of the prez and can play the piano really good. Other than that she has delivered a zero performance in all of her roles. If Jeb doesn't work out, having her run for president sounds like something the Bush clique would back.

G. Hankin
Tampa, Florida


Jarrett Murphy's article "Thug Radio" (March 9-15, 2005) said Hot 97's owner, Emmis Communications, pegged the station's market revenue at $808.2 million. That figure refers to the overall New York City radio market, not just Hot 97. The company says that its three New York stations—Hot 97, CD 101.9, and 98.7 KISS FM—control 14 percent of that market, totaling about $113 million.

The photograph on the cover of last week's issue should have been credited to Nicholas Burham.

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