How to Be an Illegal Alien

It worked for me! Six steps for crashing George Bush's America in two weeks flat


About the author, from the author:
After five years and 40 countries, it's time to sit tight, get back in the real world, and do normal things like shagging and positivity seminars and kneeing men in the groin. Or is it? I've been in New York now for four weeks, and gotten an apartment, a job, an internshipóalongside a lot of controversy. So for every major decision I have to make in the coming few months, I want people's advice on what to do and how to do it. Read my blog, Mimi in New York, help me out. . . . An English chick in New York trying to make it big, and treading on a lot of sensitive Yankee toes in the meantime.

This is what I find so endlessly fascinating—that this city is made up of people like my bartender friend and Gonzalo and Renatka and me, all invisible people. In some ways we are more New York than people who've lived here 20 years. We're how New York started. We're how it will go on, with or without immigration reform.

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