Jerry Saltz replies: I love L.A. I don't think it is any shallower than any other American city. I said Morris plumbs the depths of L.A.'s shallowness.

Pursenal life

Re "Did I Ruin My Chances With Anderson Cooper?" [villagevoice. com, March 17]: A-bloody-men, Mr. Musto! If I might use that quote about Jack McFarland, Anderson Cooper is "gayer than a clutch purse at the Tonys." It shines out of the boy, and I'm sure he'll be proudly public with it eventually. My theory is that CNN has "suggested" he not make an issue of it (though he often features gay guests and gay-themed stories on 360°). Anyway, I'm in your corner; outing only those who have been "bad" is not building us up.

Brad Mellesmoen
Vancouver, British Columbia

Caribou are stealing our oil!

Re James Ridgeway's "Bush Digs Dry Well in Alaska" [villagevoice. com, March 17]: So it's all the right wing's fault, huh? It seems to me that the energy policy for the last 30 years has been to ignore possible oil shortages, regardless of who's in the White House or who controls Congress. In fact, prior to Bush's proposal, when was the last time anyone seriously talked about actually funding alternative fuels? Bush's ideas are far from perfect, but at least they're workable and realistic!

I agree that we're reaching the breaking point on energy, but as usual for a lib, Ridgeway has plenty of criticism and no solutions, except for a line about "moving away from fossil fuels." How? We're dependent on fossil fuels and have been for nearly a hundred years. It'll take decades to wean the world off the stuff, especially given that there is no viable alternative. The transition will be difficult no matter what, but in the meantime, drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge makes sense and, contrary to Ridgeway's assertions, it can be done with minimal impact on the environment. Whatever happens, it's the least of us who will bear the brunt of the burden. Or maybe you don't mind telling a poor family that the porcupine caribou are more important than affordable heating oil.

Mark Ujczo
Waldorf, Maryland


I think we should drill for oil in the Village, next to your offices. I am tired of New Yorkers demanding more and more oil but wanting to find it somewhere else. How much oil or natural gas did New York produce this year? How much did it consume? Put up or shut up.

Merwyn Simpson
Windom, Texas

Northern composure

Ridgeway is ridiculously misinformed. You people who are from outside are spewing these nonfactual stories on things about which you know little. We here in Alaska are quite sick of your silly opinions.

Mikl Wallace
Anchorage, Alaska

Bones to pick

Bravo for publishing Rachel Kramer Bussel's Lusty Lady column debunking the bad rap sex without strings gets ["Casual-Sex Myths," March 16-22]. You can have a phone-and-bone relationship or a sexual hit-and-run and have a deep and meaningful sharing because it is honest; it is what it is and that is all it is. "Socially acceptable" relationships are economic relationships, and the strings can be more like holier-than-thou straitjackets. Straight women still are judged the harshest for enjoying casual sex, and what a coincidence women are still struggling for economic power here and around the world. As usual the harshest judges (and that includes women) are usually those with the most skeletons in their closets. The more women can accept themselves as they are and embrace their vaginal pride and pussy power, the more they will enjoy their sexuality whether alone or with a partner for the short term or the more conventional term.

Suzannah B. Troy
East Village

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