Meet the Randalls

Tristan talks to a unique mother-daughter team of pornographers

While fathers have passed on their adult-film legacy to their sons, until now there's been no mother-daughter pornographer team. Suze and Holly admit they've learned a lot from one another about making great smut. "We find whatever we can do to bring the best out of the models or performers. We're just there to encourage them to be creative," says Suze, unwrapping her own green-apple Blow Pop (like mother, like daughter). She's thrilled by the move in the industry toward more unscripted videos. "I don't want it to be acting, I want it to be real. We try to put people together who have the hots for each other. Acting is for Hollywood. We're trying to get the real thing."

Candid camera: Holly and Suze Randall
photo: Suze Randall
Candid camera: Holly and Suze Randall

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