Dreams of Fields

As Ferrer slips, her once dismissed mayoral bid looks serious

Even with Sir Rudy's imprimatur, Bloomberg won by a mere 35,000 votes—about 2 percent of ballots cast. That's something to keep in mind if the current Democratic field seems weak. Whoever wins the party banner is staked—theoretically at least—to a 5-1 registration advantage over the GOP mayor. And while having the mayor's billions would be a plus, there could also be advantages to not being Mike.

Polls apart: Fields moves up.
photo: Richard Levine
Polls apart: Fields moves up.



  • Chump Change: Following the Money
    by Jarrett Murphy
  • "It might very well be that by the time we get to November it could be 'Anybody but Bloomberg,' " Adler says. "New York's a funny place."

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