Leah Gitter

Hell, that's the alternative

Tara McDonald attempted to kidnap my niece in June 2002. If Jennifer Gonnerman wishes to point out the failures of the judicial, medical, and penal systems in dealing with mentally ill criminals, that is one thing, but to paint McDonald as anything other than a serial baby grabber is an irresponsible, stupid lie. McDonald is not just some poor, misunderstood woman caught in a bureaucratic mess; she is, in fact, a criminal, whatever the reason for her actions. Crazy and criminal are not mutually exclusive.

I do feel for McDonald's mother, but the bottom line is that the victims here are children, parents, and caretakers, not McDonald. Yes, lack of funding and legal loopholes have placed McDonald in purgatory, but the alternative for the rest of us is hell. Hell is a parent not knowing where his or her kidnapped child is, only to have the child found horribly murdered. McDonald must never be released unless doctors can guarantee to my reasonable satisfaction that she is no longer a threat.

Jeffrey Levy
Cobble Hill

Pussy 'n boots

At the request of Mr. Pussy, I am submitting a letter on his behalf. He was recently introduced to the world in Tricia Romano's Fly Life column ["Fade Out," April 27-May 3]. Mr. Pussy Man is actually named Mr. Pussy. He is very sensitive about this issue and has been bugging me all week. Thank you so very much.

Julie Atlas Muz
Flower District

Hola señor editor de La Voz de la Villa:

I am very angry, because my name is Mr. Pussy, not Mr. Pussy Man. You may also call me Don Pussy or Señor Pussy, but not Mr. Pussy Man. Obviously I am a man, so saying Mr. Pussy Man is redundant, ridiculous, and insulting to my machismo.

Secondly, I don't like that bitch Julie Atlas Muz. She is a whore, and I do not want to be associated with her in any way. I am my own person, a simple Cuban-Chinese-immigrant faggot who just wants to have my own children's network television show. I love children; they are our future.

Mr. Pussy
Flower District

Boys say no!

I work for Planned Parenthood, and I would like to thank Tristan Taormino for her right-on article "Fuck Abstinence" [Pucker Up, April 20-26]. I go to schools every week, and I work with teens after school every day. She's correct in saying that oral sex has become an epidemic that no one is addressing. Most teens don't have a clue what real abstinence means—they think, "no vaginal sex." But the article tells only half the story about oral sex. While more kids are getting into oral sex, it's usually girls giving blowjobs. Not many of the boys I talk to are licking pussy. Most are against it, and most girls are not demanding equal treatment. Why? Because the girls have learned from the boys that everything "down there" is gross and disgusting. So not only is abstinence-only education causing kids to spread disease, it's also introducing a whole new avenue of self-hatred for females.

Michelene McGreevy
Toledo, Ohio

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