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Wait, let me phone this in: I liked the Sweet Charity revival a bit more than Times man BEN BRANTLEY did—he thought it was an irritating trifle—but I have to defend his integrity here. The show's ads quote Brantley saying that when CHRISTINA APPLEGATE appears onstage, "the audience braces for a triumph." But they leave out that he basically concluded the audience doesn't get one! What's more, a radio ad quotes Ben gushing that "fairy tales do come true." But what he actually wrote is that Applegate and her character believe they come true, though in this case, despite some pluses, they don't! Brantley didn't respond to my request for a comment, but I'm sure he would have said, "Every week, Musto's readers brace for a triumph."

And one last theater-queen memo: CHARLES BUSCH is going straight with A Very Serious Person, a not campy indie film he's directing and co-starring in. It's about a terminally ill woman who's raising a grandson by the shore, with Busch popping up as an eccentric male nurse. (The lesbian dolphins haven't been cast yet.) "It's my Chalk Garden," says Busch. "It's our Station Master or Pieces of April," insists co-screenwriter CARL ANDRESS. Like that Spamalot song, it's intentionally familiar yet wholly original! Have a good weekend.


Not just a haven for gamblers living on the edge, Connecticut's Mohegan Sun casino also has eggless Caesar salads and comforting oldies concerts. At a junket there last week, I caught pop tunesmith Burt Bacharach's soaring show of his hits, with three singers doing velvety renditions and Burt tossing in an occasional rasp. "Sing 'Raindrops'!" a drunk in the crowd yelled at one point. "But I already did it," reminded Burt. He did it again.

The next night, in the big arena, the "Motown Spectacular" had MC JIMMIE "dyno-mite" WALKER promising some "real sanging. No ICE-T. No Ice Tray. No Ice Pick." But lots of MARTHA REEVES, who wriggled out with a feather boa and two Vandellas and alerted everyone, "I came all the way to Connecticut to let you know that 'Dancing in the Street' is my song!" On the phone, legendary Martha had told me she's taking to the street and running for city council in Detroit. "I feel I could be the voice of the people and remind them that this is the town Motown was made famous at," she said. "There's nothing here that even says we live here." Martha will put up some plaques! And she'll stop heat waves! Vote for the woman—and Twelve Angry Men!


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