New York Times v. Janice Rogers Brown

Black woman nominated to a high federal appellate court is still scandalized

Finally, Mike Wallace, who had read my Voice columns, went to Mississippi, and on March 28, 2004, CBS's 60 Minutes got some of Pickering's reputation back. He noted, as had I—but not the Times' editorials—that in the 1970s Pickering sent his children to the by then largely black public schools in Mississippi and had, at his peril, testified against a dangerous Ku Klux Klan leader.

Several times, I left detailed messages for Gail Collins at the Times, giving her the true facts of Pickering's record—as Times reporters had found—but I never received an answer. Dan Okrent, the Times' ombudsman, told me he would write about this journalistic malfeasance, but he hasn't.

Will Dan Okrent's successor, Barney Calame, formerly of The Wall Street Journal, dare to call to account the writer of the April 28 editorial scandalizing Janice Rogers Brown—and will he ask Gail Collins if she deigns to have a fact checker looking at the editorials she sends out as the voice of the Times?

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