Russ Josephs

Fargo your hating

I was very irritated by Greg Tate's review "Signifying Nada" [May 11- 17]. I happen to love Will Smith (I also have and enjoy Lost and Found). Will is an imitation of everything that is good in the hip-hop industry? What is wrong with doing what you love? Will said he loves rapping; who is Tate to dis him for that? Tate should get a life and stop hating.

Lu Anderson
Fargo, North Dakota

Nada fan

The only person who sucks more than Will Smith is Greg Tate. His written ebonics bit is really insulting. "Love your culture" indeed.

C. Caiazza
Concord, Staten Island

Will Smith's hot ass

Damn, Tate. You roasted Will Smith. I smell smoke comin' off his ass!

Treasure Williams
Memphis, Tennessee

Mean girl

As a regular reader of the Voice since I arrived in New York three years ago, I felt I had to do something about your atrocious new column by Natalie Krinsky. As a 21-year-old female, I'm particularly disgusted that she was the one chosen to write about the life of a young, female, single New Yorker. She's unoriginal, mean, and a poor writer. Her "jokes" consist of completely lame pop-culture references. She just wrote an entry (May 4) whose message can be summed up by "Ugly people are also bad people." I don't understand why the Voice decided to take the most recent vapid chick-lit bullshit publishing sensation and give her room to write. I like to think the Voice is more progressive than that. Krinsky's a mean-spirited, unintelligent, trying-to-be-cute-but-really- just-stupid pain-in-the-ass bitch. And don't even get me started on the girl's sexual politics. Let's keep up the high standard of cool columnists like Tristan Taormino and Dan Savage. Out with Natalie!

Kathleen Carr
Morningside Heights

Latour on kids' futures

Re Aina Hunter's "Juvenile Injustices" [May 4-10]: I'm going through this with my daughter right now and Jessica Latour is the prosecutor. I'm appalled at the family court system and especially Latour's arrogant behavior, abrasiveness, and cocky attitude. She acts like this is the case of the century! My God. She is trying to destroy these kids' futures.

Helena Campbell


Re "Saved?" by Tricia Romano [Fly Life, May 11-17]: CBGB hasn't done anything for rock since the hardcore movement of the '80s. It has become an icon of itself for tourists and T-shirt seekers. It hasn't broken a new band in 30 years, and owner Hilly Kristal seems content living in its past and not cultivating a future. If it closes, I doubt it will be missed. Most people who have a fondness for the club are long gone or married with kids—or grandkids. Today's generation could care less. I see it as a high-rise condo in five years. Sad to say, but true.

John Simpson

Dud duh

I'm baffled that Robert Christgau would rate the Walkmen's Bows and Arrows a dud in his Consumer Guide [May 11-17]. While I appreciate that he is likely required to plow through questionable offerings in numbers beyond my comprehension and may not have the luxury of repeated listens, I implore him to listen again. Bows and Arrows is a deceptively simple record that reveals itself over time. It is a stunning accomplishment and one of the most passionate breakup records in recent years. Of course he may just have a thing against breakup records, in which case he is entirely without hope.

J.A. Perez

Robert Christgau replies: I gave it multiple listens, as I do almost every dud.

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