SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): In the film 3-Iron, a man and a woman meet and become lovers without ever speaking. They maintain their perfect silence even as they glide through a series of adventures, forging a sly, resilient harmony. Their romance provides a "fresh, confident vision of love as a kind of Buddhist refuge," reported The Week. While I don't recommend that you take up their model of intimacy forever, Sagittarius, I do think it's a perfect time to try it out for a brief period. Do you dare? Spend a day or even a few hours with the person you're closest to without saying a word to each other. (Nonsense sounds are permissible.)

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has no tolerance for his children's carelessness with their dirty clothes. His wife, Maria Schriver, says that if he finds the kids' pajamas and T-shirts lying around, he simply burns them. I urge you to take a page out of the Terminator's book, Capricorn. It's an excellent time to throw parts of your wardrobe into the fire—especially things that may still look OK but no longer suit your style. You know what I mean: the clothes that remind you of the person you used to be but no longer are. Once you've got the blaze started, why not fling in a bunch of other stuff that's outdated, worn out, and weighing you down?

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): Last fall, millions of Ukrainians waged the "orange revolution." Wearing orange scarves as their symbol of solidarity, they peacefully overturned the results of the rigged presidential election. Citizens of the ex-Soviet republic of Georgia had their own nonviolent insurrection in 2003, wielding bouquets of roses as they toppled their chief tyrant during the "rose revolution." I hereby proclaim the coming week to be the launch of the Aquarian tribe's "seed revolution." Inspired by the metaphor of the seed, you will weed out the rotting status quo and plant your seedlike ideas everywhere you go. Carry a packet of seeds with you at all times. What kind? Doesn't matter: pumpkin, wildflower, magic beans, or anything that excites your imagination.


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