SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): Singer-songwriter Les Lokey has created a host of "brain bombs," provocative slogans she likes to fling in the direction of anyone who needs a hit of inspiration. Since you're in special need of compassionate wake-up calls right now, I've borrowed a few brain bombs for your use. Please carry out as many of the following instructions as you can manage. (1) Combat aggression. (2) Act as if creation is a reconciliation of extremes. (3) Try really, really hard to relax. (4) Be a slave to your free will. (5) Love fiercely. (6) Surrender to excellence. (7) Avoid hardening of the ironies.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): Artist Max Ernst (1891-1976) specialized in using creative techniques that relied on the element of chance. He was a master of collage, assembling materials he got from newspapers, botanical drawings, catalogs, and scientific journals. He also liked to run a paintbrush over a piece of a canvas that was lying on a rough wooden floor, thereby making an impression of the underlying texture. This random approach drove some critics crazy, since it undermined the idea that worthwhile art can only be made by trained experts. Ernst seemed to imply that anyone could fabricate interesting stuff. He's your role model right now, Capricorn. Let him inspire you to shed any beliefs you might have that you're not creative. Capitalize on the element of chance to bring novelty into everything you do. Be alert for lucky accidents that you could take advantage of in order to freshen up everyone's perspective.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): If you want to buy a personalized jersey at the National Football League's store, there's a list of 1,200 naughty words that you may not have inscribed on the back. The taboo terms include creamy, pearl necklace, magic wand, fondle, glazed donut, lotion, ass clown, tang, got2haveit, love rocket, show time, and get it on. It so happens that you would be wise to make liberal use of all these concepts and others like them in the coming week, at least according to my astrological analysis. I hope you weren't planning to order a personalized NFL jersey.

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20): Indescribable happiness is now available if you'll melt down your ego in service to love. The object of your adoration may be a special person, a beloved animal or place, or anything that stirs you to lose yourself in life's sweetest mysteries. For best results, heed these words from David Deida: "Give yourself to love itself, without a shred of you remaining. Die completely into loving. When you return, when your sense of self is recollected, you will be refreshed through and through, washed awake by the innocence lying wide on the other side of surrender."

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