The Other Side of Colombia

Experience a carnival for the senses in Barranquilla

And Joe Arroyo, one of my favorite rumberos, dedicated "En Barranquilla Me Quedo" ("In Barranquilla I'll Stay") to this "great society" that's "beautiful" and "enchanting." After a lifetime of going back to visit friends and family, this is also where a little part of me stays.

Home is where the art is.
photo: Grace Bastidas
Home is where the art is.


Where to stay:

Hotel Del Prado
54 No. 70-10, 565122

Where to eat:

Pepe Anca
49C No. 76-184, 356215

93 No. 49C-280, 3781434

Nena Lela
49C No. 75-47, 3587314

El Gran Chef
51 No. 76-50, 3607366

Up next: More of Colombia when we travel to Cartagena and Santa Marta.

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