Bob Weltchek
Lutherville, Maryland


Hunter apparently saw fit to represent the Middlebury student body with one quotation: "This place is apathetic as shit." The same person who supplied that quote, Nolan Weltchek, also supplied the accompanying photograph, and his father supplied another quote. Questioning the way Hunter presents what happened is not a red herring. Racism (clearly the charge implied) should be treated seriously, and as 2003 graduate and a concerned citizen, I'm hurt by Hunter's portrayal of the college on more than one level. I can only disagree with Mr. Weltchek's assessment. I have one voice, as does he; I wish Hunter had sought more.

Also, Hunter's description of the accuser as "athletic-looking, blond" is confusing and disturbing. What do you mean by athletic looking? Are athletes racist? Are blonds racist? With an article titled "Busted for Blackness," I do not think I am reading too much into the intent. The left-of-center viewpoint of the Voice is important; I think that believing poor journalism to be a useful way to advance a serious cause is a mistake.

Peter Hennessy
East Village

Honor coda

As a student at Middlebury, I was surprised that Hunter didn't mention the honor code. Our community is based upon trust, honesty, and individual integrity. For example, students are not policed during exams or in residential life. However, when the community finds that an individual does not fulfill the spirit of the honor code, there is little leniency. To many who do not have an understanding of the honor code, it may seem that the judicial board acted in an inequitably severe manner. I am sure the committee used the same standards for Mr. Walker as it did for any other student.

Antoine Gara
Peter Cooper Village

Then he was a she (or was he?)

Re Michael Musto's mention of Lucky Cheng's hottie Codie Ravioli's sex change operation [La Dolce Musto, June 1-7]: I was at Boy Bar (now an F-ing condo) that night, my God, like 12 years ago, when Codie Ravioli, fresh from a supposed sex change operation, debuted her new chocha quite persuasively, if not all that imaginatively, with a performance of "I Am Woman." So, um, if, as Musto reported, she's still raising money to pay for a sex change operation, well, whose pussy was she wearing that night at Boy Bar?

Andre Hereford
Upper East Side

Michael Musto replies: I'm not so sure Codie was flaunting an actual sex change back then. In 1992, I reviewed a performance where Codie "unzipped her pants to show either an operation or a tucked penis (only her hairdresser knows for sure)."


The photo on page 44 of last week's paper was not of Aliada. The correct photo appears on our online edition.

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