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See, radio's changed its face due to satellite, iPods, and other technology that basically makes everyone his own DJ. In the wake of this development, Micky has just auditioned for a Broadway show and he might also develop and produce a reality show for the U.K., among other kooky projects. The memory of TV series stardom is not all delicious for him—"Getting up at 6:30 a.m. and trying to be funny on a set with nine electricians has its own set of problems"—but he's totally open to that medium too. The friggin' high road again!

That night, I must have taken the same road as Dolenz—28th Street—because we both ended up at Crobar for the birthday bash of Celebrity Bulletin editor BILL MURRAY. (No, not the actor. This guy's never been bitten by a groundhog.) There, RITA COSBY told me about her own TV project; she'll host a one-hour live show on MSNBC later this year, and there'll be plenty of hot-button topics to gnaw on by then.

"There is life after MICHAEL JACKSON, I'm sure of that!" she exclaimed, triumphantly. (Interjection: John Waters had sensibly told me, "Whatever the verdict is, I'll be shocked." It's so true. No matter what the outcome, I would have been screaming and throwing things.)

Mais oui!: François Ozon at work
photo: Museum of the Moving Image
Mais oui!: François Ozon at work

There's life after John Lennon too, even though at the same party MAY PANG told me she feels "airbrushed out of" the imminent Lennon musical. Pang was Lennon's lady love for two years in the '70s, but she's not even a slide projection in the Yoko-approved show. What's more, Pang feels the musical portrays that period as Lennon's drunken years, but they were actually his most creative ones, with her as his muse. Producer ALLAN MCKEOWN responds, "Lennon is a two-hour theatrical experience whose narrative drive comes from the words and music of John Lennon." Honey, I'll be happy as long as I'm included in the upcoming jukebox musical Lenin.



Last week's Nylon music event went on, but without cover girl and guest host KELLY OSBOURNE, who a magazine flack said "has entered a facility due to personal issues." No, not issues of Nylon . . . Don't take issue with the fact that I hear JODIE FOSTER and MICHELLE PFEIFFER considered playing Jadis the White Witch in the upcoming flick The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but the part went to TILDA SWINTON, who seems glacially perfect. You don't get scorching hot gossip like that anywhere but here!

And here's some more, you jaded witches. Let me take you backstage at the Tony Awards once again and remember that LIEV SCHREIBER admitted, "I thought [The Pillowman's] MICHAEL STUHLBARG would win." So did Michael Stuhlbarg! . . . The censors should have won something for the moment when NORBERT LEO BUTZ sang, "The fashion plate I date'll give me hummers in my Hummer," and they carefully bleeped the first hummer and left the second. But you still left humming the hummer . . . I'll also never forget CHERRY JONES thanking "my Laura Wingfield," meaning her girlfriend SARAH PAULSON, who plays Laura in The Glass Menagerie. I guess Cherry didn't want to out Sarah by name, though she did give her a giant, slurpy kiss on camera. Actresses!


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