Castro's Black Prisoner

A follower of Martin Luther King and Gandhi in Fidel's custody for 22 more years

Fidel is an imposing presence, but so is Charles Rangel. In reaching out to Castro, the congressman could ask to see Dr. Biscet. In that small cell, Charles Rangel could provide this unbreakable black prisoner with reminiscences of another man of conscience and courage—Dr. Martin Luther King.

Dr. Biscet (left): His crime is his courage.
photo: Coalition of Cuban-American Women
Dr. Biscet (left): His crime is his courage.

But now, New York City councilman Charles Barron—who once feted Zimbabwe's brutal dictator, Robert Mugabe, at City Hall—says of Castro (The New York Sun, May 26): "He is a true champion of human rights wordwide." What world is Barron living in?

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