Dirty, Pretty Things

An interview with Simon Doonan about his nastiest, favorite memories

What do you enjoy about writing? It's solitary and it's a nice antidote to the Barneys stuff. Because most of the time at Barneys, I'm working on advertising, I'm working on window stuff, publicity stuff, and it's highly interactive. So it's fun to lock myself away, and obsess about my prose, and lash myself into a frenzy over it . . . I think all writers should get jobs in retail. They should do their writing, and then maybe on the weekend, go work on the pantyhose counter at Bloomingdale's or maybe the MAC counter, 'cause it would make them less pompous, and they would interact with people.

The author, who looks a bit like this
photo: Danny Evans
The author, who looks a bit like this

So retail, eh? You know, one of the best conversations I ever heard was on the subway between two beauty students. It was one of those articles you wish you could record. I always fantasized about becoming a manicurist, because I thought it would be very chic. Like Catherine Deneuve in Repulsion.

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