Testing Bloomberg and Klein

Test scores rising, but what of the different black and white diplomas and other lost kids?

Winerip tells of Natalia Mehlman, who had been considering a teacher's career. "She was assigned to teach middle school Spanish, but says she was given no curriculum and no reports on pupils' past performance. [Mehlman adds:] 'There was no support from the principal. That school was so based on getting to minimum competency on the state English and math tests—Spanish was not on the radar.' "

She left P.S. 111 after a year and is now getting her doctorate in history and teaching at Stanford University. As for the revolving door of teachers, another who left P.S. 111 says: "Kids get angry. There's no consistency—adults they care about keep leaving."

Yet a June 2 New York Post headline blares: "Schoolkids' Test Scores Zooming."

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