Dirty Bisexuals

Lust for both men and women is a mystery to straights and gays alike

I want enough openness that I can embrace both my "dirty" and "bisexual" sides without being labeled slutty, confused, traitorous, "really straight," or any other epithet. I don't want to be proud of my bisexuality or queerness so much as have it be a non-issue whether I'm in bed with a guy, a girl, or both at once. I think Seb said it best: "People think that all bisexuals are easy and obsessed with sex. I mean, just because I'm easy and obsessed with sex doesn't have anything to do with me being bisexual! No, seriously, people really do think that bisexuals will fuck anything that moves. It's just not true, and it's so passé to think that way in 2005."


The Queer Issue:

  • Diff'rent Strokes
    Mixed-race loving in the gay community turns the rainbow into a reality
    by Brad Sears
    Plus: How to Date a Whiteboy
    by James Hannaham

  • 'L' Is for 'Look Out, World'
    Longtime lesbian has whole life edited by very hot TV show
    Plus: The Interview: She Is 'The L Word'
    Talking with Ilene Chaiken, producer of the world's only lesbian soap opera
    by Laura Conaway

  • We Are Not OK
    Crystal meth marks a new crisis for the gay community—and an all too familiar underlying problem
    by Patrick Moore

  • The Irresistible Banality of Same-Sex Marriage
    Plus: Recent Books on Same-Sex Marriage
    by Kenji Yoshino

  • Mix-And-Match Loving: Interracial Transgender Coupling
    by Elizabeth Cline

  • Parade Fatigue
    To march or not to march? That is the Gay Pride Day question.
    by Mike Albo

  • Lesbian AWOL
    Switching teams is OK every once in a while—unless you're totally hot
    by Marga Gomez
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