Parade Fatigue

To march or not to march? That is the Gay Pride Day question.

I know it sounds superficial, especially in this day and age, when we are ruled by moralizing misers who guard their riches like reptile eggs, but we have to try and keep our celebrations fresh. If I may generalize just a little more, I would say one thing we have always been able to hold above our rectally tight opponents is that we have way, way more fun than they do. It is important for us to keep that aspect thriving.

But acts of celebration must continue to be fostered as political statements as well. So all you contingents out there: On Sunday, I want to see more original signage, a curb on the promotional gack, way more drag queens, and a unifying sense of fury. There is a queer kid squashed up against the GNC at Christopher and Seventh who needs you to inspire him.

The queens storm Christopher Street.
photo: Cary Conover
The queens storm Christopher Street.


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