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Grand Rapids, Michigan

Clear your deep throat

Re "FBI Cleared W. Mark Felt of Watergate Leaks," by Murray Waas [villagevoice.com, June 10]: I was wondering why the "mainstream media" haven't been all over the Albany Times Union story Waas refers to, which says that Deep Throat was sort of an internal FBI committee chaired by Mark Felt. The story in question was based on hearsay. That is, an FBI agent said he had been told by a participant etc. The story's certainly plausible, and I'd bet it's right, but the source was not a participant, and that's why the "mainstream media" have been perhaps slow in matching it. Presumably, it will be sorted out, and with solid attribution.

J. Sharkey
Glen Ridge, New Jersey

That is the question

I enjoyed Elizabeth Mendez Berry's review of Common's Be ["Candid Camera," June 15-21] until the last paragraph. My reactions to a few of the points made earlier prepared me for what I felt would have been the last bite of a delicious dessert after an exquisite dinner. But instead I was served a stale Krispy Kreme. She missed the point and purpose of Be.

All of what she said was missing on this album can be found on one track, "Chi-City." She mentions the track for its production value earlier in the article. But it's that track that has that "wink," and it's that track where Common is telling everyone he still has that love, that fire, and that lyrically there aren't too many out there on his level.

The purpose of Be is just that: to be. It's his take on that lost California dream, that girl in the club he'd love to spend time with, smoking a Dutch with a friend on the block. And most importantly, he tells those after him, and everyone who understands the struggle, that in the end, no matter what you've been told in the past, the truth is this world is yours for the taking. This release is in fact revolutionary, as Berry stated, in this late bling era of hip-hop. But in her attempt to understand who this rapper has come to be (no pun intended), she lost sight of the fact that this album trims the excess of his releases in the past—no skits, just great production, memorable lines, and true hip-hop.

Damon Ferguson
Passaic, New Jersey

Not circling the Square

Thank you, Jarrett Murphy, for an excellent story on Washington Square Park ["Extreme Makeover," June 8-14]. You truly covered all sides. It's the best so far.

Carol Massa
President, MacDougal Street North Block Association
West Village

Holy hit

As a conservative Christian I believe Nat Hentoff's column "Bush's Moral Guide" [June 1-7] is right on the mark regarding Darfur. Unlike some of my fellow travelers I hesitate to definitively answer Hentoff's question, What would Jesus do? but I suspect that He would consider the actual suffering in Darfur a higher priority than potential suffering in the U.S. I certainly do.

John Thompson
Chattanooga, Tennessee

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