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The story behind Ed Klein, author of the latest Hillary-bashing tome

Klein was also controversial at the Times, where I was then metropolitan editor and later an op-ed columnist. Questions were raised internally about his ethics. My contacts with him were infrequent. On one occasion, though, he lobbied the newsroom to do a story about a dispute that a woman friend of his was having with a contractor and local officials in the Woodstock area over some renovations on her house there. Executive Editor Abe Rosenthal asked me as metro editor to have someone look into it. Two reporters spent a couple of days interviewing and going over records and came up with a dry hole. Klein had presented the situation as a broad town-gown social story about locals swindling and stonewalling a newcomer. The reporters concluded it was just a garden-variety dispute with a contractor. It appeared to them that Klein was simply trying to impress the woman with his influence at the Times. No story was written.

Q: Walter, what's your opinion about all this unfair criticism of Ed Klein?

A: I don't know what to make of it. He's always been a beacon of distinguished journalism for me.

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