In Praise of Dirty Words

Reading erotica, in private or public, is hot, intimate, and educational

I wrote my first dirty words because I wanted to finally be able to share with others what my sexual psyche looks like, without fear or embarrassment. I'm certainly not the only one: The erotica business is booming, with authors like Zane publishing multiple books every year, and readers gobbling up explicit tales in novels, anthologies, and magazines, and online (visit for a sampling). Turning people on is a social good; it expands our erotic imaginations, lets us see new ways of looking at and defining sex, and helps us figure out what we do and don't desire. Some may squirrel away their favorite naughty novel, whether it's Anaïs Nin or Buttmen, while others may read smut in public or to lovers. I'm proud to be a pornographer, erotic author, or whatever other title people want to throw my way. I'd rather own, acknowledge, and revel in my raciest thoughts than ever feel shamed or silenced again.

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