Two-Timed by 'Time'

Corporate magazine caves in over Plamegate sources

Novak has been even more tight-lipped than Fitzgerald. Neither has ever revealed whether Novak has cooperated with the inquiry or even been subpoenaed or charged or is a target of any kind. There has been speculation that Novak's sources may have already revealed themselves to the prosecutor, which would have freed the reporter from his compact with them. Novak says his attorneys have limited his remarks.

He did make some minimal comments last week, saying that nothing he had done was responsible for the situation Cooper and Miller were in. He said he would tell all in a column after the case was resolved.

Will anyone but a reporter or two go to jail for this politically motivated disclosure of an intelligence agent's identity? Don't ask. This is a soap opera. Tune in tomorrow.


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  • Press Clips Extra by Sydney H. Schanberg
  • Only one thing is certain in this two-year-old farce. The press has suffered another wound. Will anyone own up that the wound is partly self-inflicted from a failure to stand firm on core principles?

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