Henry-Alex Rubin
Co-director, Murderball

O Darling!

Thank you, Tricia Romano, for your sweet, sweet words about my song ["Dance Fever," Fly Life, June 29-July 5]! My name is Otis von Darling. This was my first press thing I got. So I am awfully excited! I've been telling everyone to read it. Anyhoo, thank you again! You have no idea how excited I am!

Otis von Darling
East Village

Baiting switch

Re Kristen Lombardi's "Dyke Hillary! Dyke Hillary!" [June 29-July 5]: Hillary lesbo-baited? Sure, why not? Look at it this way: Absolutely no political decision during the Clinton years was made without Hillary's stamp. That includes the ludicrous "don't ask, don't tell" policy, which gave the crappy end of the stick to all the gays and lesbians who helped put Bill in office, plus the vitriolic Defense of Marriage Act. This was supposed to be tasty red meat thrown to conservatives in the spirit of "triangulation," and to get them off Bill's case. Cut to Monica and impeachment. Sure worked, didn't it? It is a rare instance of poetic justice that the Clintons, who put the huge onus on our gay and lesbian military personnel to show the world they aren't having sex, now have to prove to the world, à la Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, that they are. So bait away. To paraphrase Nixon, sock it to her!

Henriette Wayne
Pleasanton, California

Treated him right

I've been haunted by Luther Vandross's passing, so it was especially gratifying to read Jason King's tribute to him on the Voice website ["So Amazing," villagevoice.com, July 5]. King's empathy and insight are refreshing, compared to the phobic remarks in The New York Times, for example, which called Vandross "a lifelong bachelor." King describes his extraordinary gifts and contribution eloquently, and more than that, he makes sense of some of the very complicated circumstances Vandross made for himself and found himself in as a result of being closeted. Even an open closet was too small and dark for Vandross, but the acoustics were great.

Amy Scholder
West Village

Left him a loan

Anya Kamenetz's article "Johnny Comes Marching Home to Loans" [Generation Debt, June 29-July 5] describes army recruiters misrepresenting the actual college loan repayment program. The exact thing happened to my son. Assured that all loans, even private ones, would be repaid, he enlisted only to find out that most of his loans will not be repaid.

Tim Fuchtman
Allen, Texas

Psycho II or III

It was refreshing to read James Ridgeway's comments on Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council ["Under the Revival Tent," Mondo Washington, June 29-July 5]. Since Perkins has succeeded nutballs like Gary Bauer and Keith Connor, the FRC message has been indistinguishable from Karl Rove's. Attacks on increases in the minimum wage go hand in hand with exempting heirs of billionaires from ever paying a dime on the appreciation of assets in estate taxes. But the marshaling of support for wacko nominees like John Bolton, the Three Judicial Stooges (Priscilla Owen, William Myers, and Janice Rogers Brown), and W. David Hager at the FDA is astonishing. They've even attacked cable television, so that those watching only Fox News and pompadour-and-potted-palm preachers can pay minimally while the rest of us foot their bill.

Frank Smith
Bluff City, Kansas

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