Taxicab Hookups

City thrill rides are perfect for making out, masturbation, and more

The best taxicab hookups, which can run the gamut from chaste kisses to full-on sexual intercourse, can't be planned in advance. They need that special, seething urgency to keep them fresh, the mix of an unexpected thrill, moving through traffic, sly exhibitionism, and backseat maneuvering. Whether your ride is five or 25 minutes, you know that soon it will end, so you'd better get busy fast.

So will I be rushing to hail more nasty cabs anytime soon? That remains to be seen. Despite the recent fun, I'm still afraid of dying in a car crash, but catch me on a night when I'm horny enough, and I might just be ready for round two.

Ride on: Bussel smiles for the camera
photo: Nichelle Stephens
Ride on: Bussel smiles for the camera

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