U.N. to Investigate Alleged Haiti Massacre

Local Red Cross tells of handing out body bags and shovels

As it stands it's a big mess. According to the U.N.'s statement, the Haitian National Police (who reportedly stood in the background as MINUSTAH conducted the operation) said that “gangs” were seen killing civilians later that morning, and that those deaths were wrongly attributed to the U.N.

Brick mason Mira Nelson, 56, says he was shot in the leg by a U.N. soldier on a tank while walking to work around 6:15 a.m. on July 6.
A human rights worker familiar with the intricacies of Cite Soleil says that though he is no fan of how the U.N. has been conducting itself, it is not inconceivable that some part of the civilian damage could have been inflicted by friends of Wilme after MINUSTAH left. There's always the chance, he says, that some desperate Cite Soleil resident tipped off (or was suspected of tipping off) the U.N. and was forced to pay with his or her life.

In an effort to sort fact from rumor, Anne Sosin of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti has assigned the case to a Port-au-Prince based investigator. Still, without the ability to order autopsies or ballistics tests, all the activists can really do is ask questions.

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