Jennifer Simpson
Malvern, Pennsylvania

Search party

Jarrett Murphy's thoughtful article about the subway searches ["Terror by the Numbers," July 27–August 2] was a pleasure to read . We lose liberty when the government searches us at random without even the fig leaf of a reasonable claim of increased security. Empty measures such as this are worse than no action at all.

Daniel Millstone

It's in the bag

It's true, as Murphy points out, that the bag searches are unquestionably a farce, since they create a perception of security that has no basis in reality. Yet he misses another aspect. According to the official story, on 9-11, 19 Arab terrorists not only penetrated the security at three airports, but also evaded the entire U.S. intelligence community. Given this, does anyone really think that if they want to bomb a subway, they will oblige us by entering through one of the stations they know is going to be policed? Please. There are 468 subway stations in New York. If a terrorist wants to set off a bomb, he can simply enter one of the lesser-used stations and ride to his destination. Thus the bag searches are a complete waste of time and money. Meanwhile, they violate the Fourth Amendment and other "freedom of movement" rights—the very rights we are ostensibly trying to spread around the world, including in Iraq. Murphy would have done a greater service if he did not buy into the current hysteria—thus tacitly supporting yet another move toward a police state—but told the truth: that the NYPD is shredding the Constitution by infringing on our fought-and-died-for freedoms.

Reverend Ian Alterman
Upper West Side

Hey, I'm working here

Re Rachel Kramer Bussel's "Taxicab Hookups" [Lusty Lady, August 3–9]: Has it occurred to Bussel that a taxicab is someone's workplace? An adult, working-class, immigrant someone, who has every right not to be subjected to her drunken gropings and copulation? Yes, being naughty is fun. But there's no excuse for such a lack of respect and self-awareness.

Siddhartha Mitter
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Turning Japanese

Kinda lame that Kelly McEvers's tour of Koreatown ["Close-Up on Koreatown," villagevoice.com, July 20] only manages to name-check karaoke, miso, and sushi . . . all of which are of Japanese origin, not Korean. It's especially disappointing, because McEvers is talking about a block that sports some of the tastiest mandoo, ddukbokki, gochujang, and kimbop I've had outside of Pusan and Seoul. It's the only place I know that rents Park Chanwook films, has the only authentic Korean acupuncture clinic in Manhattan, and offers the cheapest economy-size box of Ssang Hwa Tang this end of the No. 7 line.

Adam Greenfield
Kips Bay

Feta band

Thanks for Dave Queen's crazy comments about our band, Stinking Lizaveta ["Metal Survivors and Doom-Jazz Upstarts Sludge Into the Void," July 20–26]. We're glad to have the Rockdetector moniker Doom Jazz popularized a bit, and we've had a great time deciphering what it might mean to be the feta cheesesteak of um . . . well . . . "the feta cheesesteak to Norman Whitfield's vanilla fudge."

Cheshire Agusta
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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