Full-Frontal Photo Shoots

The doubts, fears, and very personal rewards of posing in the buff

Having someone else see me so closely, with every nuance, flaw, and marking visible, isn't always an enjoyable process. If I had to pick one adjective to describe the shoot, I'd say challenging, though Aeric says that's atypical. "It's much weirder to think about doing it than to do it; just about everyone is surprised at themselves."

Looking at the results (daportraits.com/rachel_kb), I'm pleased, but I'm also a little disconnected from the images. Am I that girl in there? Yes, and no. They managed to capture the goofy grins, contorted faces, the hot moments, and the in-between uncertainty as I shifted around. It's not all artifice, but a combination of reality and fantasy, who I am and who I wish I were. Someone asked if my photos are meant to titillate, and I'm not sure. In a way, yes, but first and foremost they're meant to make me smile, to make me remember, especially on the days when I feel most cranky and lonely, that I can tap into the energy embodied in those photos. And that, no matter how anyone else reacts to them, makes every heart-pounding moment worth it.

Lusty Lady: "Am I that girl in there?"
photo: Courtesy of DA Photography
Lusty Lady: "Am I that girl in there?"

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