Given all this, it's certainly no surprise that Clinton finds support among the business and political elite of Texas. The far bigger mystery is why any New Yorker, let alone a reader of the Voice, would regard her rising star with anything but disgust and dread. And please, calling this most undistinguished of right-leaning centrists the "lioness of liberalism" is just gross. It demeans both lions and liberals.

Michael McFadden
Park Slope

Hunter for the truth

I want to congratulate the Voice on two recent articles by Aina Hunter ["U.N. to Investigate Alleged Haiti Massacre," August 4, and "No Justice for Haiti's Jean-Juste," August 5, villagevoice.com] concerning the situation in Haiti. As a Haiti solidarity activist, it has been frustrating to read U.S. media coverage of Haiti because it so often runs counter to what I know to be the truth on the ground. Instead of writing a story based on U.N. press statements, Hunter went to the neighborhood where the massacre took place and spoke with victims and their families, revealing that the U.N.'s version of the events is not credible. Regarding her story on Reverend Jean-Juste, a prominent Lavalas leader and Aristide supporter, Hunter once again turns a critical eye on the "official" version of his arrest and reveals that he sits in a prison today on trumped-up charges because of his support of Aristide and his determination to work for justice for the poor of Haiti. Ms. Hunter, keep up your principled pursuit of the truth!

Shirley Pate
Washington, D.C.

Picky, picky, picky

You know, I realize this fouls up Robert Christgau's Nashville-as -pop's-backward-votin'-relation allegory (Rock&Roll&, "Men Like Them," August 3–9], but I thought it my duty to remind you that Davidson County, Tennessee (encompassing all of Nashville city proper), went for John Kerry in 2004 by a margin of 10 percentage points. Virtually all of our local, state, and federal elected officials are Democrats. Al Gore still lives here, most of the time. We think that Frist fella is just a carpetbagger.Thanks anyway for the props on our seamy underside. We're proud that we do both kinds of pickin'—our guitars and our politicians—the right way.

Jean C. Wilson
Chair, Tennessee Democratic Women's PAC
Nashville, Tennessee

Robert Christgau replies:
I wasn't surprised to learn that Nashville the city voted for Kerry—most cities did. Wouldn't be surprised either if many in the country-music business are Democrats or lefter—I know a few such myself. But country-music artists remain the only musicians' subgrouping to generate substantial Bush support in 2004, and I'd be astonished to learn Nashville's more affluent suburbs, where most of them reside, didn't do the same.

In "Market Crash" (villagevoice.com, July 28), and "Flee Market" (June 9), The Annex Antiques Fair & Flea Market, on 6th Avenue at 26th Street, was mistakenly referred to as "The Chelsea Flea Market." Also, in "Flee Market", it was stated that Con Edison had bought a lot on 6th Avenue and 24th Street last year. In fact, Con Ed has owned that space since 1966 and is currently waiting for Public Service Commission approval to sell it.

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