Pimpin' Ain't Easy

The legend of a seminal, misunderstood figure in the adult industry

Although an overwhelming majority of suitcase pimps are men, not all are. Everyone I spoke to knew of at least a handful of women who perform the role for other female performers. However, no one knew of a suitcase pimpette for a guy. Not surprising since guys can carry their own shit, right?

Case and Fox make their home in Dayton, Ohio, away from the hustle and flow of the adult industry, and he has recently begun managing a local strip club there. Both factors raise questions: If you have another job in or out of the industry, can you still be a suitcase pimp? Is suitcase pimpery a way of life, a state of mind, or both? "I think it's a very Zen thing," says Case. "It comes from within."

Tim Case with his wife Felicia Fox.
Tim Case with his wife Felicia Fox.

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