Hear Novak Tell All!

You pay only $595. That's right. Only $595.

The invitation doesn't say whether this bonus evening is off-the-record too. Maybe not. Maybe the drinks will loosen everybody up. I've seen Jim Glassman talk a lot on television. And Ken Adelman likes to speak too; his listed lecture fee is "$10,000–$20,000."

As I was reading over the invitation again, I got a jolt—a couple of lines I'd missed on the first go-around: "Each speaker speaks briefly about the issues of the day, then opens the floor to questions—any questions. The answers are frank and open, because there are no reporters."

No reporters? So why did they invite me? Was it just a mistake? I should have known better.

For emphasis perhaps, there's an addendum to the e-mail where the forum's ground rules are listed, as if in some FBI directive: "No recording devices will be allowed. You may expect increased security."

Those certainly don't sound like requirements laid down by a journalist. Is Novak really a reporter?

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