Havin' Buck for Breakfast

On the set of the groundbreaking transwoman-fucks-transman porno

But before I could scream "It's a revolution!" at the top of my lungs, there was work to be done—locating misplaced lube, negotiating how many fingers Buck likes in him, and finding a fucking position that wouldn't kill Starr's knees. Politics or not, there was porn to be made. I couldn't help but notice that Buck bore a strong resemblance to Starr's real-life boyfriend—they're both shortish guys with shaved heads and buff gym bods, although Buck's got lots more tattoos. It was an interesting juxtaposition when the boyfriend would do "fluffer duties" for Starr, and then the cameras would roll again, and she'd be fucking someone who looked like him but with different genitals.

A funny thing happened on the set that day: Not a single person got anyone's pronoun wrong. Not once. Pronouns tend to trip up even the most enlightened folks when it comes to gender-queers, so I was pretty impressed that self-identifications were respected in such a "this is no big deal" way. When Darling wanted something, the directions were clear: "Finger that man!"

Allanah Starr and Gia Darling check out Buck Angel's family jewels.
photo: Tristan Taormino
Allanah Starr and Gia Darling check out Buck Angel's family jewels.


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